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Exhibitor Information

Nina Dadgar, CEM 
Telephone: (703) 838-2673 Email: nina.dadgar@ncpa.org

Whitney Lynch 
Telephone: (703) 838-2656 Email: whitney.lynch@ncpa.org

Sponsorship Information 

Stacey Loflin
Telephone: (703) 838-2652 Email: stacey.loflin@ncpa.org

Abby Lampela
Telephone: (703) 838-2641 Email: abby.lampela@ncpa.org

COVID-19 Exhibitor Information


It has come to our attention that companies are contacting some of the NCPA exhibitors, claiming to offer our attendee lists. This is a common occurrence with conferences and trade shows in recent years.

It is NCPA’s policy to NEVER sell, rent, or share attendee email contact information. No company is authorized to distribute or sell any email lists of attendees for our events. NCPA is not providing these lists or generating these messages.

How did they get your email address? Software programs can crawl websites in search of email addresses that are listed on them (identifiable by the “@” sign).

If you receive an email offering to sell you a list of NCPA convention attendees, do not respond to it. By responding–even with a request to unsubscribe–you confirm that your email address is a valid one, which may increase the likelihood that you’ll be contacted again.

Thank you for your help in advance.