2020 Educational Programming

You’ve got questions; we’ve got answers! 

At the NCPA 2020 Annual Convention, peers and experts answer the hard-hitting questions you need to know to grow your business. Here’s a sampling of some of the business education, focused on the most frequently asked questions from NCPA members: 

What does my CLIA certificate of waiver allow me to do? 

The COVID-19 pandemic illuminated the need for pharmacy-delivered point of care testing. Now that your pharmacy has a CLIA certificate of waiver there is opportunity to branch into additional testing services. Get the “how to’s” on developing a profitable testing niche.


How can I make my social media pages and website stand out? 

Join pharmacist and pharmacy owner Tom DePietro and ad agency veteran Jay Williams to discuss online marketing strategies that will win new customers, generate newfound revenue, and compel your customers to sing praises about your pharmacy.


I know natural products are hot, but where do I begin? 

The global natural and organic market accounted for nearly $11.5 billion in 2017 and shows no signs of slowing down. NCPA’s Gabe Trahan will guide you on what natural product categories you should be focusing on, share the developing trends in natural products, and help you find that sweet spot where your new lines are to be displayed. Don’t miss out on the next step in health care!

What do I need to do to protect my business from audits? 

Breaking of insulin pen boxes, PBM concessions during COVID-19, and changing Medicare Part B standards are just a few practice changes we have seen this year that could lead to audits. Hear from an expert on the latest developments in audit targets and walk away with best practices for protecting your bottom line.


What are annual wellness visits and how do I get started?

Medicare Part B covers an annual wellness visit, and pharmacists can conduct these visits under a physician’s supervision and and get paid for it. Pharmacists across the country are collaborating with physicians to conduct annual wellness visits, and you can do it too. Navigate potential roadblocks for physician collaboration and strategies to maximize your profits. This session includes real-life scenarios, the pathways to billing for your patient care services, and some of the basics of, and barriers to, medical billing.


How can I let people know who we are and what we do?

Curb appeal is a proven way to attract new customers, and in many cases, your parking lot and delivery vehicles are now an extension of your pharmacy. Create a winning, welcoming storefront by maximizing exposure with exterior signage, design, and color.


help my patients daily. How do I get paid for it?

Your team makes life-saving interventions, helps manage chronic conditions, takes blood pressures, and so much more. In the eyes of the payer, it didn’t happen unless you documented it. Get the latest developments on care planning—from payer opportunities to peer best practices—as well as a refresher on the ins and outs of documenting your care services so you can be paid.


How will treating gut health help my patients manage chronic conditions?

Serving as the place where nutrients are absorbed, a main signal producer for the brain, and one of the body’s first lines of defense in fighting disease – having a healthy gut can positively impact an individual’s health on many levels. Counseling patients on what supplements and probiotics to use and how to eat to optimize their microbiota is a key component for treating patients functionally. In this discussion with a functional medicine pharmacist, you’ll discover the key drivers for gut health and walk-away with tools to educate your patients and grow your supplement business.


What impact did COVID-19 have on vaccination rates and how can I help?

Preliminary data from the southern hemisphere has shown an increase in demand of flu vaccination due to COVID-19. In addition, many catch-up vaccinations are needed as multi-dose schedules were interrupted in the spring. Learn how your pharmacy can take advantage of the opportunities to improve vaccination rates in the wake of COVID-19. You’ll also learn more about the development status of a COVID-19 vaccine.


What is “medical-at-home” and how do I get involved? 

The demand for at-home care continues to rise given the hard hit COVID-19 outbreaks seen in nursing facilities. As more and more vulnerable seniors and their caregivers chose to age in their homes, entrepreneurial pharmacies have an opportunity to care for these high-risk patients who might otherwise be in a nursing home. Discover an emerging market for medical-at-home, what it is, how it works, and how your pharmacy can be part of the solution.


As an employer, what are the most common HR mistakes and how do I avoid them? 

The people who work at your business are your biggest expense, but more importantly, they are your most valuable asset. However, if you do not know how to properly manage the most common legal problems with your employees, then you may end up defending yourself before an administrative agency or even a court. Get a refresher on avoiding costly legal problems with your employees, including updated employee rights and employer responsibilities implemented this spring, and real-life solutions for addressing the most common small business workplace problems.


How do I add new services into my workflow and maintain (or improve) efficiencies?

Incorporating additional activities in an already busy and stressful environment can be overwhelming. Developing and streamlining an efficient, proactive dispensing workflow in the pharmacy is the key to growth and long-term success. Join an independent pharmacy leader on a virtual tour of his pharmacy workflow and take away simple tips for integrating services without increasing overhead.


Enhance your profits with proper category placement, new niches, and inexpensive physical updates that draw the attention of your built-in customer base. Take home a laundry list of easy-to-implement front-end tips for increasing your OTC inventory turns, pricing strategies, and marketing tools.


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